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Welcome to the place for all your Christian parenting needs. We get you. We get your family. Personally, we can relate. Professionally, we can support. We are a team of moms and dads who are trained in the areas of family, faith, and education. We are made up of parents, single parents, adoptive parents, step-parents, home-school parents, public school parents, stay at home parents, working parents, parents of toddlers, parents of teens, parents of in-betweens,  parents of young adults, and even grandparents. We have expert voices weighing in on education, marriage, nutrition, discipline, and faith. We understand your joys and struggles because we are just like you!

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Please explore this website. You will see all the 1C13P Team has to offer you and your family.
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Lori Wildenberg & Becky Danielson
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The 1 Corinthians 13 Parenting Team Blog

  • Who Do You Say I Am? - My wife Lynn is a teacher. Each year she begins with an activity that helps her get to know her students. She will give them a small card that has a simple starter statement on it. The students have to finish the sentence. All of the starter statements are the same. I am… I am… […]
  • Solitude, A Precious Gift to Yourself - “In solitude I sit quietly and listen to the whispers of His wisdom.” Those words are written on a plaque that is propped on my bookshelf in my home office.  Great words, but I have not been so great at practicing the art of solitude – just spending time alone with God.  No agenda, no […]
  • Like Father, Like Son - He is completely dependent on me for everything in his life. From the moment he wakes up until the moment he drifts off to sleep at night, I have to provide his every need. He is incapable of surviving in this world without me.  He’s utterly helpless on his own.  Without me in his life, he cannot […]
  • Being Dad – Paying It Forward - There’s this phrase that has permeated trendy culture and stimulated the giving nature in people… it’s called, “paying it forward”. If you’re not familiar with this cliché – a beneficiary of a good deed is not required to pay “back” the gesture received, but is requested to pay the deed forward. Kind of like – […]
  • Homework Files - If you were pulled over by the police, the officer would ask, “May I see your license and registration?” How long do you think the police officer would wait for you to find it, maybe a few minutes? You would be expected to immediately present the information and the documentation requested. Why? Because the information […]


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